About JSG
Build a leading enterprise of semiconductor materials and equipment and develop green, intelligent and high-tech manufacturing industry
Headquartered in Zhejiang, China
Dedicated to "advanced materials and advanced equipment"
Continuous and steady growth of performance since listing in 2012

Zhejiang Jingsheng Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. (JSG) has developed a series of key equipment centering round the three major semiconductor materials of silicon, sapphire and silicon carbide, and further extended its business to the field of compound substrate materials, providing globally competitive high-end equipment and high-quality services for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries.
JSG is a global leader both in photovoltaic equipment technology and scale, and a leading enterprise in 8-12-inch large silicon wafer growth and processing machines at the domestic integrated circuit level, with international advanced large-size sapphire crystal growth technology, and has maintained its leading edge in core technology and scale advantages. It provides intelligent factory solutions for semiconductor industry, photovoltaic industry and compound substrate industry to meet customers' demands for digital and intelligent production.